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Why Young Adult Ministry?

We want to see Young Adults connect with one another and Jesus. I'm sure you've been there, whether as a Young Adult or not - it's hard to connect when we're busy trying to do everything else in our lives!

Connect. Grow. Serve.! We offer Bible studies and social events, all designed to connect with other young adults, grow our walk with God, and serve.

"Jesus came to give us Abundant Life. Young adults are struggling with so many aspects of their life. Jesus way is the best way. We can thrive in school, careers, relationship and life in general when we live life God’s way." John 10:10

Get Involved

Share Jesus as a leader, teacher, or helper (fill out our volunteer form here).

Events, Classes

We have a Bible Study class in Room C at 10 am every Sabbath. Our focus in on growing in our relationship w/ Jesus.

We have a monthly potluck to fellowship over a meal, usually on a Sabbath. We usually schedule it a few weeks in advance.

We have one social event a month scheduled based on group availability—bowling, hiking, top golf, etc. We usually schedule it a few weeks in advance.

We understand that sometimes life feels like it's getting the best of you, and it is hard to build connections that matter. That is why we are here to offer a place where your faith in God can be strengthened, even if just for an hour or two each week! We believe in providing genuine community and worship while helping people grow their relationship with Jesus

Need More Info?

If you have any questions, please contact Clifford Almeida - 623-521-1418 - Email click (here).

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