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Why Prayer?

We at the Glendale Seventh-day Adventist Church believe in the power of prayer!

Prayer Requests

You can share your prayer request by clicking here. If you'd rather not use our online form, you can email your prayer requests and praises – along with your permission to post – to Linda or Patty at

Prayer Chain

To have an urgent prayer request emailed out through the Prayer Chain, contact Jeanine Linder

Prayer Meeting

Everyone is welcome to pray and fellowship together at the weekly Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays, at 6:30 PM, in the Sanctuary. Join us as we lift our petitions to God with thanksgiving and praise. To contact the Prayer Ministry Director Glen Williams, call or text 480-698-0927.

"Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working."
James 5:16

Get Involved

If you are interested in being involved in the ministry of prayer, contact Glenn Willams via email by clicking here or calling 480.698.0927.

Interested in sharing Jesus as a leader, mentor, or helper? Click here to volunteer.

Need More Info?

If you have any questions, please contact Patty Reiner at the Church Office (link) 623-934-3295 -

Please Pray For

You can use the form below to send in a prayer request or praise. If you provide permission to post it publically we will post it at the end of this page for a month once reviewed and approved by our staff.

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  • Glendale/Central/Maricopa Village Churches
  • Glenview Adventist Academy - Staff, Students, & Families
  • Thunderbird Adventist Academy - Staff, Students, & Families
  • Maricopa Village School / Teachers needed
  • AZ Conference Leadership
  • Pastors, Bible Workers, & Church Ministries
  • Men's Retreat
  • African Ubumwe Group Families
  • Ethiopian Group Families
  • Myanmar Burmese Group Families
  • Our Country's Leaders & Military Personnel
  • Those affected by COVID-19 - Sickness, deaths, loss of jobs

*     *     *

  • Req by M Abdiraham: Muriel Barbee Jr, Tori, Celes, Sarion Jackson & Family, Daniel Meza, & Ernie
  • Req by L Abeyta: Mary Bakke, Walter Thomas, Virgil Williams, & Ron Church
  • Cliff Almeida & Sharon's Mom Lalitha Shekar
  • Donna Baerg
  • Benny Baker
  • Req by M Barry: Frank (Buddy) Foret
  • Allen Beardsley
  • Req by D & A Bowers: Jonathan
  • Req by M Boyce: John & Elaine Boyce, Geri Jones
  • Bob & Jean Brown
  • Eric Carder Sr
  • Req by D Celestino: Bonia Avolos, Teresa Cabala, & Ruben
  • Req by A Chester: Gionni Kirkwood
  • John Comitz
  • Carol Cox
  • Norma Cox
  • Req by N Cox: Robin & Tony DeRosa, Tabian & Naomi, Amy Warrior
  • Req by E Cropper: Adriana
  • Debbie Darst
  • Req by D Darst: Tenner, Miller, Jones, Moore, P Jones, S Katz, V Davis, Michael, Carol, Laura Adams, Kathy & Courtney, Donna Ebey & Tina Fahey
  • Debra Debarr
  • Req by D Debarr: Carol & Jim
  • Req by D Egwu: Ida Dunnings
  • Ernie Encinas
  • Janet Flemmer
  • Betty, Ashley, Baby Izryal Alyxzander & Gabby Flores
  • Foster Fletcher
  • Audrey Freeman
  • Linda Galloway
  • Gloria Garrett
  • Kyle Giambra
  • Maurice Gilder
  • Jennifer Gilliland
  • Parents of Estrella Gonzalez
  • Req by B Horoho: Grand-daughter and Family
  • James Horoho
  • Req by C Jewett: James
  • Art & Jeanne Killelnbech
  • Larry & Noemi Koehler
  • Jeanine Linder
  • Req by J Linder: Don Charbonneau
  • Jeff, Cholette & Alex Lockwood
  • Maureen McHugh & Brother Tim McHugh
  • Martin Mesquita, Isaac, Aaron, & Ignacio
  • Alaska and King Moore
  • Levi Moses
  • Kathy Muldner
  • Req by Pastor Myles: Shawna Gunther
  • Elouise O'Neal
  • Req by Tina Othon: Daughter Angel, Serenity, Lyla
  • Digna Pallas
  • Req by C Penniman: Mom Remy & Arvyn Tenio
  • Eleazar & Angelica Perez
  • Req by A Peter: Milani Hansen, Michaela
  • Req my M Phillips: Chris & Carolyn, Family of Sandy Rogers
  • Req P Reiner: Toni & Dina Mojica's dad Benjamin, Larisa
  • Cheri Risley
  • Eddie Risley
  • Faye & Antjuan Sampson
  • Req by L Schell: Valerie
  • Req by C Schmidt: David Schmidt, Josi Schmidt, & Barbara Cave
  • Alan Scott
  • Ezequiel Streuli
  • Pat Stump & Family
  • Beverly Turner (Pastor Eddie's Mother)
  • John & Daughter Tina Turner
  • Curtis, Lisa, & Son Jake Ulrich
  • Reece Whatton
  • Req by G & E Williams: Edwin Williams & Briannan Roman, Pastor Samuel Mohan (Died) and Family Naseem, Sameer, Samantha, Cynthia & Solomon Mohan
  • Req by J Woolley: Christopher Garman, & Ramona Forbes

Weekly Life Saver Prayer List

(Sun 10/01/2023 – Sab 10/07/2023)

  • Anthony & Esmeralda Garcia & Nathan Collins
  • Junior Garcia
  • Danielle & Angel Garcia
  • Elias, Vanessa, Gabriel, Michael & Isabella Garcia
  • Keren, Francisco, Auden & Arya Garcia
  • Joel, Katie, Natalie, Nicholas & Madison Garnick
  • Gloria Garrett
  • Gemedo Geda
  • Firas Ghanem & Larissa Zapata Cruz
  • Edna Ghulam


The word of God says seek and he shall find, knock and the door shall be open, ask and it shall be given. I am seeking for a financial break through urgently to repair my mother's roof before the winter snow, buy a car, pay bills before my light is cut, etc. Praying for my help meet. My apartment lease expires October 2023 and I need to find an apartment with electricity included in the rent and a washer/ dryer and quite neighbors. Pay raise with promotion offer or better paying job urgently, I am searching in my home for my passport and other documents, I will search my mother's home this weekend. My mother and the group need their RN license released. She needs healing in her eyes after surgery. Responsible tenants to rent out her house, I am asking the holy spirit of the living God to arrest and judge Oral Mcken, Everton and Garick they agreed to complete work on the house, and they got paid and left the work incomplete. Financial resources, workmen, land, equipment supplies for my oasis garden in the wilderness with nature. My Digicel phone or another phone with digi cell plan and chip delivery to the USA home address Prayer for cousin M and family soul salvation, my uncle G for healing after strokes 4months ago, My father, Uncle M,N, and R deliverance and soul salvation. thank you


Please say prayers for our family friend Blaine, who found out that cancer has reappeared after being in remission. For his spirit and health, please pray.
Thank you ~ and blessings,.


requesting prayer for the restoration of my marriage and family


I am part of a Mission training program. Pray for -
- Financial discretion and wise stewardship are needed.
- Clarity of vision for everyone to avoid misunderstandings
- Reconciliation between frustrated coworkers
- Wisdom for me and everyone involved to know how to handle the situation
- That God will use all of us who are willing in a mighty way
- Unity and courage for the prayer group we are trying to start.


Please pray for my finances. That God helps me. Thank you.


I'm a teacher. Please pray for my school. Pray me and my colleagues. My boss has mental health problems. She bullies a younger inexperienced teacher and brags to me about it. She exhibits inappropriate and unprofessional behavior at work. In some instances, she has broken state laws. Should I quit my job? Does the Lord want her to leave the school?